The start of middle school

Middle school starts tomorrow.

My first born is on her way to 6th grade.

For months, I have been told to be scared, only scared.

When describing middle school the words hell, fear, crazy, died, never again were the only words I heard.  My seasoned friends repeatedly let me know what a living fear they had of middle school.

Wonderful, just wonderful I thought.

Wonderful is just the right word! 

It might be a bumpy road but it will be wonderful.

The lessons my gal will learn will equip her and challenge her - both she is ready for?

How do I know she is ready?
Because her father and I have had an opportunity to equip her to be.

She has God.
She has faith.
She has compassion.
She has empathy.
She has will.
She has a brain.
She has a heart.
She has a healthy body.
She has support.
She has a family praying for her.
She has it all. 

All the tools she needs to take on the middle school world.

No cell phone
No designer clothes
No fancy new backpack

But yet I have full faith that my daughter will endure the bumpy road of middle school and come out a shining star.  

Middle school happens.  No matter how you package it - public school, home school, or private institution it happens.  It happens to every child, every family.  

So before you spend money equipping your children with all the newest and greatest - the quickly fading fads.  Get your children ready to make it thru middle school with tools that will last a lifetime.  Because after all, a Iphone 5 won't fix a broken heart, heal a hurting friendship or create an A on a test.  


  1. What a wonderful perspective, Heather. I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers, not because I think middle school is terrifying but because it's a wonderful new step for your little girl (and you) and she deserves as many blessings as possible for this transition!

  2. Denise! Thank you so much! your words mean so much to me! Thank you for the encouragement! xo