I accept the challenge

So July 8th.  Not really that important of a day.  Unless, it's your birthday?  Maybe an anniversary?  Kuddos to you who celebrate July 8th!  

I am going to celebrate July 8th because I'm STARTING a few things.  Honestly, I'm scared to death.  Can't tell you why I fear a list of new projects.  Maybe the fear lies in holding myself accountable to those projects?  I don't know. 

So here I go, I am letting you know my weaknesses, my fears, and my dreams.  Come along as I slap that fear down, and reach even higher for those dreams.  


- quiet time.  I need it.  God wants me to need it.  There we have found the solution for that hole.  This incorporates getting up before the kids - sign me up I'm ready to chat and (of course) listen God.

- eating.  Simple enough.  I am really good at it.  So what's the problem?  Seems the past three months, I have turned to a stress induced diet of cupcakes and caffeine.  Neither good for my waist line, my kidneys, or my emotions.  So VEGAN it is.  Yup, crazy - isn't wonderful?

- creating.  Very few have seen it.  My stacks of notebooks with never ending ideas.  I am at the point of a creative process where I understand why artists can go nuts.  Hell, I might be nuts.  It is really nuts to take some designs that you hold dear and put them out there.  Like I said, "fear slapper."  With that, I will be putting those designs out there.  

- 13.1 version 2.0.  I am going to beat myself this time and do it with style! 

 - writing.  Transparent. Authentic. Encouraging. Useful. Because it wasn't about me to begin with.  

So follow me on the next 24 days as I become a lab rat in a giant fear slapping experiment.  Want to join me?  Drop a comment.  Let me know what fear you would like to slap as you work towards a goal.  I promise to pray for you. 

We only have one opportunity on this little world - make it count.  


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  1. First, I love you to bits, buddy, and you are so wonderful that words almost fail me.

    For my July Challenge, I'm going to finish the Couch to 5K and run for 30 straight minutes. Even after taking an enforced one week "vacation" from jogging last week! Even with two fake teeth partials and 15 fewer teeth!

    We are powerful in our audacious goals, so let's go out and get it done.