Christmas Mantel

There are a few things I love about our house.  The fireplace and is one of them.  
I am constantly romanticizing the stack stone facade, dreaming about being cozy up to a warm fire in a cabin far far away. I love that the fireplace is the center piece of our cozy family room.

Since it is our first Christmas in this house, I feel as if I am ill equipped to fully decorate for Christmas this year.


I searched thru our still packed boxes of Christmas items, tossing aside the ever old icicles lights, choosing to forgo the ceramic Christmas houses, and completely forgetting about the grapevine reindeer that constantly falls down like a drunk solider.  After an hour, I finally had the plan.  It comprised a bit of budget, a bit of gathering, and a lot of what we already had on hand. 

 The old barn wood frame has been a mainstay on our mantel for months.  I bought it at an estate sale for 4.00!  

The lady who sold it to me was emptying out her aging parents home transitioning them to an assisted living.  According to the daughter, last summer her father decided he was going to learn how to make picture frames.  This frame was the first and the last he made.  I love that it is handmade.  I love that it is wood that he took right off the side of his own barn.  I love the fact that it has a story.  Long term, I have to find a solution for this frame.  It is beautiful. 

Wooden beaded garland - Target after Christmas sale ( I have tons)
Glass Hurricanes - Willow House (another steal of a deal)

White wood candle holders - garage sale (4.00 for the pair)
Little letter C - Pottery Barn Outlet (4.00)
Little collection of rocks - some from the back yard, some from travels, just memories of good times or days.

The wicker stars are my favorite.  My mom got them in Switzerland and they are the most lovely thing on mantel.  I honestly adore anything Swiss.  I am Swiss.  I love the simplicity and naturist beauty of Swiss items.  These stars are possibly one of the best presents my mom has ever given me.  I should keep them out all year.  


  1. I think it is a great mantel!! I love the simplicity but it has a lot of character. Great job. Really love the picture frame!!!! Maybe make it into a chalkboard and hang it in your kitchen or entrance-somewhere you could write scriptures and poems and "Happy Birthdays"!!!

  2. I love the chalkboard idea! That is great! I have a fancy one in our dining room this would look perfect in the kitchen. Thanks so much for the compliments!