Hello Monday

Hello Monday!  

Hello to crazy shopping outfits and self expression. 

Hello to a messy house but a fantastic boy who stepped up to help out while dad was out of town.  Didn't even need to ask.  He has an amazing heart.

Hello to fantastic boy catching crazy creatures in the creek and bringing them home for me.  

hello to this little one thinking (for some reason) that Journey to Bethlehem was really going to the restaurant Buffalos?  She was happy when she saw the animals.

Hello to a ton of people.

Hello to the Roman Guard who willingly admitted that his shield was a Pinterest Project.  The fact that he had a skirt and sandals on while he said this made it particularly funny.

Hello to actually enjoying life with a preteen - she is pretty awesome!

Hello to the prettiest thing I saw at church.  This sweet little dove.  Love.

Hoping to say hello to a finished shopping list, a finished monogramming list, a little bit of quiet time at the sewing room, and hello to looking forward to time with friends.  

Hope you have a week of great hellos too!

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  1. Wow. Church is pretty much the perfect place for a dove.

    That little lizard thingy is exactly the type of creature my kids would bring home.