Christmas List

I write this post every year just hoping, really praying, that just ONE things might pop off of it.  Can't say that has ever really happened - but a girl can dream right?

So hold your seats folks, here it comes.............

Heather's Christmas Wish List 2012.

A dress form.
I would love one in my studio.

Speaking of Studio....
I have worked on the dining room table, out of a converted closet, my own room in a unheated basement to now sharing an "office" studio with the rest of the clan.
I would like to move myself to the "nook" in the heated basement.  Alone, yup - let only creativity find me there.  And I would like for it to look like this.

And while I am hiding in my creative space, I would like to be wearing this.

There is a time I would like to create something new, so I would like this to learn from.........but I already bought it - ekkk. (to my credit it was a super deal one day sale)


Besides that, 
I would love a weekend alone
A ticket to Blissdom 2013
A opportunity to run another 13.1
A chance to to see some crazy ideas come to bloom.  
Time to love on my kids, my husband, and my dear friends. 


  1. I want photoshop elements soooooo bad! I missed that crazy awesome sale :( boo.....and I too want a ticket to bliss com so I can have a super awesome trip with you!

  2. Sounds like we have some goals - don't we? The Blissdom tickets are 100 cheaper before the 3rd. And photoshop Elements was 50 on Amazon. I should have told you! Fingers crossed for both!