Saturday Breakfast Date On the Square

Thanks to Mom, Michael and I had a chance to sneak away Saturday morning to enjoy the beautiful ((weird)) June weather, our fave breakfast place, the farmer's market and -most importantly- each other.  

Best Breakfast this side of Texas.  Ham, egg and cheese croissant ((homemade)) with the best ever Muesli.

When I go to heaven - I hope there is a little man who makes mocha's like this one!

Home Grown Yummy

Don't these make you smile?

and these do too?

The most beautiful succulent I have ever seen and it should have so come home with me! ahh.

These came home and will make the best dinner time snacks!

This lemonade is fantastic for two reasons!  The cherry limeade was to die for and the young lady making it was squeezing lemons to get thru college!  Got to love that!

And my love brought me smiles to bring home.  Now that is a date to remember. 


  1. Isn't it funny how, as we get older, our idea of a date changes?! It becomes less about what you are doing and more about being alone with the love of your life <3

  2. Ok...I'm dying to check out the market on the square, we missed it this week. What restaurant was the breakfast date? Looks yummy!

  3. Sugarcakes is the best place in Marietta for breakfast and Lunch - not to mention a crazy good desert. the Australian Bakery is a close second in my book.

  4. Kudos to Mike for continuing the pursuit!