Reading Chapter by Chapter

Reading Chapter by Chapter
YOu wouldn’t start a book at the end then work your way back - would you?  That makes no sense at all.  
One of my favorite books is A Time to Kill By JOhn Grisham.  It is a novel filled with suspense.  That is part of the joy of reading it.  YOu never know what is going to happen to the characters, but you are excited to find out.  The end of this story is filled with twists and turns that leave you on the edge of your seat.  Now if you started that story at the end, you wouldn’t ever have the thrill of the story.  That is why Mr. Grisham sets it out chapter by chapter - to keep you intrigued until the end.  
That is exactly what God has planned - a chapter book called “Your Life.”  That is right, you can not start at the end and find out what happens without reading thru all the chapters.  

Right now, I am on chapter 35.  It is a crazy chapter.  One day it is filled with tears and doubt about certain futures my family has.  Other days, chapter 35 is filled with success and open doors of possibilities.  In this chapter, I had to loose some of my family, unwillingly move from my house, and question a ton of friendships.   But at the same time, chapter 35 has been filled with successes, beautiful children, and opportunity. 

So as much as I dislike this chapter at times, I know it is preparing me to read the next.  The are boundaries being set in chapter 35.  Pathways being determined.  Events taking place that will carry on into chapter 36 in a fantastic way.  
God knows you like a book.  He knows your weakness.  He knows your strengths.  Pay attention as you live through the chapters.  He is giving you the tools to set the story.  

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