Average Family @church
This is more of a club than a post.  A place where you know you can be excepted - even on Sundays.  As much as we try to get to church with everything in place, it just doesn’t happen as we planned -- never.  So come along with the Cloudt’s as we candidly share our not so perfect Sundays.
A quiet SUnday lunch conversation with a 6 year old can open up so many doors to yourself.

Me: W, how was church today?
W: Good. We talked about Moses and a bunch of stuff.
W: Mama, what did you do at church today?
Me: Well, I went to our Sunday School class and we covered just about the same stuff about Moses that you did. 
W:  Do you teach the class or do you just listen?
Me: Well, I don’t teach but I help Dad teach sometimes.  I enjoy being with people and helping them learn more about Jesus.
W: Mama, how old are the people in this class?
Me: How old do you think they are?
W: Probably about 58.
ME: Well, how old do you think I am then?
W: About 42.
Me: Close I’m 35.

W: Wow Mama, you need to stop hanging out with those people - you are practically a teenager!  Those people are too old for you to hang out with! 

Did I ever tell you that I love quiet post church quiet lunches with my boy - he is the best!  Did I ever tell you that he is smart too?  

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