My Bliss Pics - Blissdom 2012

Bliss Pictures
Did I tell you that I had a great weekend at BLissdom?  Yup, I probably did!  It was great to meet some amazing men, women, rock bands, speakers, oh and did I mention Financial Peace Plaza?  
Thought I would follow up some thoughts on Blissdom with some pics.  I am thankful that I was able to attend Blissdom that is why I want to share.  If you have a blog, a shop, a desire to have either --- I strongly encourage you to start saving now and plan on going in 2013.

Just as a disclaimer - I need a new camera!

Joe Jonas - all grown up.  Well, almost!  @ohsoantsy and @lottalatte

Opening night at Blissdom - beautiful!  The desert bar - delish!

Opening Key NOte - Jon Acuff @jonacuff - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  I will post more on him in the coming weeks.

Famous Footwear - did I tell you how awesome they are?  Have you seen the swag pics yet?? I will share soon!


Lorax party - on our movie list now

crazy blog woman dancing - how fun!

Yes, some more Rascal Flatts please

Beautiful night shot of 1/4 of the hotel

Magnolia Gardens at the hotel.  Did I tell you how big this place is???

Day one of workshops done.- outside to get some fresh air and this is what greeted me

Brought this home for Nina.  So glad she wasn't crazy thrilled with it.  There will be a time for that later.

My morning mocha view every morning.  Think our new house should have water falls in it.

my roommate Jessica @ohsoantsty.  A loving heart and a wicked talented jewelery designer. 

UM,,, Hello Dave Ramsey - you are an amazing man!  THANk you just doesn't say enough!

So I went to Nashville by myself.  Not knowing a soul.  I chatted with people via Twitter and Facebook but was on my own when I got there.  I even met my roomie on Twitter - insanity.  But there was a path paved before I left and for that I am thankful.  Do I look forward to blogging in the next year - yes!  Do I look forward to creating in the next year - yes!  Am I incredibly thankful for this opportunity - crazy yes!


  1. So glad to have met you at Blissdom! Can't believe you don't have a picture of Natalie! She was so funny and cute!

  2. I know, I took the lamest pictures ever. I guess I was just overloaded stressed out!. I need to email that girl!

  3. This is the thing I hate about conferences. I'm still finding people that I wanted to meet up with and didn't! So glad you had a good time! Your pics aren't awful, I love them!

  4. Heather - there are so many wonderful girls that I did not get to meet! I was so overwhelmed when I got there - I totally flaked! That makes going next year so much more fuN! With a new camera that is :)