Gym Rats - get your workout on

Just a little bit of my people watching at the local YMCA.  
What does your gym look like?

                                                                                   Source: etsy.com via Leigh on Pinterest

The jelly bean - you know, that guy who carries around a string clinch sak full of energy gels and beans. How he doesn't have massive diarrhea by the time he leaves is beyond me. 

The mermaids - I love these sweet little ladies that workout in the pool everyday.  But they could put a towel wrap on between showers and changing.  Don't love them that much.

The humper - a unisex achievement. This is the one who is still holding on to the Jane Fonda workout days. You know the ones where you get yourself into the weirdest stretching position and pulsate thru it. Not for the faint of heart. 

The overachiever - the tiny little one who lifts weights bigger than her and never sweats.

                                  Source: flickr.com via Claire on Pinterest

The Barbie - always perfect, always pretty, always smiles, never sweats.  I have a severe dislike this group.

The coffee crew - sweet little men who wear workout clothes only to come drink really bad, all be it free, coffee. 

The angry man - there is only one. He screams at himself while he runs. Then takes a break to read the Wall Street Journal. That is probably why he is screaming. 

The bored housewife - oh my! She rides the stationary bike slower than a woman with a walker and watches soap operas on the exercise tv. Secretly, I wish I could be her. 

The wannabe teens - you between college and the real world. Not sure what to wear. Knowing that soon their bodies will turn against them so they better get used to this workout thing now. 

The lady who just left her kid screaming in the nursery - and mows you over on her way to the downstairs bathroom so she can just sit in their and cry -- doubting her mothering abilities and thus never working out. 

                                                                           Source: google.com via Kelly on Pinterest

The college boy - jerk with muscles and little ..........well you get the idea -- brain.

 The man in jeans - admire his tenacity but I just sweat looking at him. WHY? 

Then there is me.
A pillar of athletic ability.
A rold Model to all. 

                                                                      Source: buzzfeed.com via Rebecca on Pinterest


  1. Your pictures make me laugh.

    We got a membership to our local park and recreation association, and I've found the people who go to those workout rooms tend to be a little more normal/average. The Barbies are the ones that have always killed me, because, God love 'em, we all know they are there to pick up dudes.

  2. God love the Barbies as much as he loves me! I bet you like the self portrait the best ;0