Creative Me

Art vs. The Entrepreneur

Dear Creativity,
Hello, Hello, Hello........Can you here me?  Creativity, are you listening?  I can not seem to find my way to you lately.  Are you hiding from me, or am I too blind to see you right in front of me?  How can we connect my friend, creativity?  Where can we find a place to meet?  I will come to you if you just give me the details. 
I just can not seem to find her lately - the creative me.  There is this place deep down inside that I know she is screaming to get out, but the stresses of life seem to keep her at bay.  It is to the point that she is clawing her way to find it to the top.

I find myself continually putting these limitations on the creative me that seem to keep her doubting herself enough to hide in fear.  Fear of failure.  Fear of being laughed at.  Fear of wasting time.  Fear of wasting resources.  Fear.  Fear is strong. So I let fear win and do nothing at all. 
Limitations pop their ugly head at times when I need them to leave the most.  You know the days that you wish your camera was better.  The desire to have photoshop to format better.  The Thursdays when I would love to have a serger.  Being tired.  Not having the right fabric.  The kids are puking.  Or having to sew something for money.  

Isn’t that crazy?  Don’t I sound ungrateful?  Don’t get my wrong, I love sewing for others - paid or not.  But sometimes I have this fab idea in my head only to not have time on my side.  I have to make the decision between taking care of my family or taking care of my creative nature - one has to loose.  
There has to be some sort of balance between being a Proverbs 31 woman and filling your heart.  Where is that balance?  Do you have any suggestions how this gal can find it again?  

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  1. I don't think that proverbs woman could do all she did without doing a little something for herself every now and then. And who knows, that project that fulfills your desire to create and design may also bring you profit in the future. Love you now get crafting......