I want it all.....NOw

I wants 
I have the “I wants” and I have it bad. It just can’t be ignored.  In my little mind it has sort of become an epidemic.  That is only because I have let it.  My “I wants” seem to rule my life and leaves me wondering, “ what is the fine line between dreaming and coveting?”
I want skinny thighs, not tater tots.
I want long fingers, not those of an ompha loom-pa.
I want to know where we are going to live, our house is set to close April 4th. 
I want to focus on one goal instead of accomplishing 1/8 of a few goals. 
I want to create from my heart while still having a successful shop. 
I want the UPS guy to slow down while driving on my street.  
I want normal hair not this mess of want-a-be dread locks that is starting to come in a silver streaked brown.  
I want to be a flower farmer. Near the beach.  With a large cottage.  And a really great area to write. 
I want to understand English grammar so I don’t feel dumb when I write. 
I want to give up control. Still I look for it anywhere I can. 
I want to get over the death of my dog but see him everywhere I go.  
I want to have more time with my kids while they are still children.
I want certain intangible resources.  
I want to see a funny movie.
I want to sleep thru the night for more than 6 hours - every night.
I want Chai tea to come in decaf.
I want to be a vegetarian (shocker).
I want a cream color shag rug that stays clean.  
I want a clean house or rather the WILL to have a clean house.  
I want to be organized but loath following rules.
I want to wear leggings and tunics everyday - they are so forgiving. 
I want time to invest in everyone as much as they deserve to be invested in. 
I want confidence.
I want to travel without being a afraid to fly. 
The list could go on for days and at times might make me look like a very unhappy person.  The truth is I am happy its’ just that contentment might be another story.  I think there is a fine line between using that discontentment to dream and act. Or using that discontentment to devalue this wonderful place we call life.  Have I let my “I wants” list get in the way of my “I am thankful for” list? 

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