Average Church Family - Skipping

The Average Church Family 
......Did not go to church on Sunday.  Well, at least we didn’t go with the kids.  The kids went without us.  Spending the weekend with Nan and Bob - they got to see their friends in middle Georgia.  
Michael and I missed church this Sunday.  Why?  To sleep, to spend time together - without kids.  I know, I know - that is not worship.  But it is something God knows we need.  Via caring parents - he provides.  
You see, I believe that there are instances where it might be OK to miss church?  What?  Crazy!  I know.  But we need to make sure there is a balance in life.  A balance between marking every “T” and dotting every “I” and to report when the doors open every time. The church is a place -- your relationship with the Lord you take everywhere with you. 
It is important to be involved with a living group of compassionate believers but there is also a time to momentarily step away from that.  There will be times that your children need you all to be a family not splitting into different hallways for the morning.  There will be times where a friend needs you to sit with a cup of coffee while you let her poor her heart out.  There will be times where your not believing family needs you to minister to them.  
Just remember, to take time and look outside those four walls with that beautiful group and remember what is going on inside the four walls of your home.  Remember that the lady at the gas station doesn’t care that you were late - she cares that you took the time to care.  Remember that sick friend alone in a hospital bed, needed you there right then.  Remember that quiet time talking to your spouse and remembering why you all began this to begin with.  That is really when Jesus shows up my friends.

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