Intentionally your Valentine

 Intentional Tuesdays Valentines Edition

Sometimes my big boy has a hard time explaining just how he is feeling.  Mostly life is stressful to this little guy for reasons I can’t explain.  Sensory issues tend to seize his day, but when this guy breaks through, he does it in a big meaningful way.
What I thought was just an avoidance of homework the other day, became one of the sweetest Valentines I have ever received.  

It took him about twenty minutes of hiding in the basement before he was done.  He took the initiative to get out the supplies, he had his own plan, and he executed it perfectly. 

There was hot glue, safety pins, staples galore.  A little bit of stuffing and a bit of felt.  Finished all off with a zebra jersey heart.  It is double sided and perfect for pins.  Every time I sew, I will be reminded of what I am SEW FOUR.  

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