if the day were a series of tweets

I am new to Twitter.  I have no idea what I am doing on Twitter.  At this point, I am convinced that Twitter is out to get me.  It is like a giant vortex of daily details into the lives of people I have yet to meet. Kind of similar to a reality show without the videos to go with it.

But today was seriously interesting.  Heck, everyday is interesting.  I thought, just for a moment, what if I was one of those people who tweeted every minute?  What would my day look like......Here is an insight to the insanity I deal with everyday.  Seinfeld style.

#ymca -why is the guy next to me still running while farting?

why do some women at the #ymca think it is cool not to wear a bra?

Dear lady honking her horn at me to run across the parking lot so she can have my spot #seriously?

sugar in my Mcd's coffee again #argh!

just got my toe nearly run over by a lady in a go around at #target

same lady told me I needed to put some lipstick on at #target

no one is feeling the love in the Valentine's aisle at #target - very much the opposite

#Redbox broken at #Kroger means I won't return the movies until my kids are in #college

finding surprise roses at the house #cliche yet melts my heart!

calling a friend who is wanting to go into labor to remind her she isn't in labor yet - #cruel

got a valentine from my 8 year old - #sweetness

going again to another #kroger to find another #redbox broken in the insane men traffic at the floral department - urgh!

watching the puppy pee on the floor yet again #fustrating

telling my 10 year old not to pick her nose, only to get the reply - "Why its' my nose?" #gross

Writing this post and realizing it is bedtime for the munchkins #priceless.