I am woman hear me meow

I have been given the amazing opportunity to go to my first blogging conference this year, well this week, no really in three days!

Blissdom is a chance for this blog to go places no other (well maybe some) blogs have gone before.  For four days, I will join a mind blowing group of 698 woman and 2 men for learning, connecting, fun, music, and fellowship.  Something that sound great for any mom of 4.  Four days - kid free.  Four days - hubby free (love you snuckems).  Four days - peeing puppy free.  Four days - stress of moving free.  Four days in a new city = rock on.

But I have seemed to replace that pre-bliss with, well -- ugh.  I worry that I won't connect with some people.  I have fear that I will look like a fool in the sessions (I'm so green that green is laughing at me).  I doubt my choice of wardrobe.  After all, I hardly leave the house.  In the past week, I have eaten enough Girl Scout Cookies to support the entire troop.  I am not nervous, I went way over nervous a while ago.

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Those who know me will think I am lying.  I am the person bold enough to walk across the room to shake hands.  It is the same person who has given countless speeches in front of hundreds of people.  This gal has also been known to take on men much larger in the name of what's right.  And forget it if someone does wrong to my kids -- that is pretty easy for me.  I can roar like a lion when I want.  I am hard, I am confident, I am a jokester, I am a mom of four -- can't I pretty much accomplish anything?

But for some reason, I write this post in a quiet meow.  Not sure of where my place is.  I have taken a gift and turned it into my own little world of insanity.

See, right now I am a big fish in my own little pond.  On Thursday, I will be a very very little fish in an ocean.  So somewhere in the next three days, I need to find my scuba gear of strength.  Because now it is time to sink or swim.  I choose swim.

What will you choose today?

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