Come to Blissdom with me!

Seriously, you already are................if it wasn't for a great community I wouldn't be going.  You all have stepped in a crazy way and I am forever thankful for each of you!

-Thank you to One 2 one network for giving me tickets!  You guys rock!
-thank you to the person who put the envelope in our mailbox, you know who you are.
- thank you to the friends who let me obnoxiously borrow clothes
- thank you to the friend of Etsy who ordered scarfs
- thank you to my friend's mothers who ordered items from my facebook page
- thank you to those who have called me for baby gifts 
- thank you to the fellow crazy ladies who meet in the Kroger parking lot to exchange goods
- thank you to the friends who have offered to watch my kids
- thank you to my husband's employer who gave him two days to work at home
- thank you to my in laws who are coming to help with the kids even though......well
- thank you for the texts, calls, emails, comments - each is so important to me

Now do I think going to a blogging conference is the most important thing in the world?  No!  This conference is an opportunity to fine tune a voice that is dying to explode.  A voice that I hope will reach others.  A voice that I hope will encourage others.  A voice that I hope will minister to others.  A voice to relate with.  You see I only getting in the car and going.  In the end, I hope that this blog turns into something much bigger than anything I could ever do.  

I am super excited!  Really excited!  Not to mention that I am almost on the brink of insanity with nerves.  But knowing that you all are coming with me is helping calm that craziness.  

Thank you my friends!


  1. I think it's wonderful how things came together for you and I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!!

  2. Awesome! You have a lot to give the world. I can feel it. See you there!

  3. Heather,

    You are the most inspiring person that I have met at Blissdom, and I look up to you. Each word that you spoke at the table was the most uplifting, soft spoken words that I think I have ever heard. You should be an inspirational speaker, seriously! You have me feeling so wonderful about being a blogger, and I am so, so honored to have met you this morning. You are truly an inspiration, and I can't wait to continue hearing about your journey.


  4. LAdies - if it wasn't for people like you all, there really wouldn't be a reason to write. For you -- I am thankful! You each have rocked my world in a great way! Your comments and YOU are so important to me!