Salted Caramel Mocha

When I first heard of it I thought, " that is just not right."  Who would want to ruin something as wonderful as a luscious caramel with S.A.L.T.  Yuck!  Besides, who would put salt in their chocolate?  What?  

Then one crazy day, the kids were screaming, the dog was peeing, I was tired, and Starbucks was calling.  I drove in getting ready to order my usual raspberry mocha when spontaneity hit me and I went for the salted caramel!  Before I even put my lips to the rim I was convinced I has just wasted 5.00 on a cup of nothing. 

But then the coffee heavens opened up.  My lips reached the rim and bliss was achieved!  It was the most wonderful concoction I have ever tasted.  A little tart, a little sweet, the chocolate hint was just enough.  I was in love.  Unfortunately my new love has come with a hefty price tag.  At 4.19 a cup, my salted caramel mocha is nothing more than an occasional indulgence and a lustful love of coffee.  

That was until I ventured into Cost Plus World Market this week!  There is was on the shelf - salted caramel hot chocolate mix.  In two sizes -- a three serving size for 1.99 or a 20 serving size for 5.99.  I brought home a two serving size sceptical if it would live up to my new love.  

Sunday morning, I started up the coffee pot with some dark brew.  I took the Tervis tumbler (which is sadly now broken) loaded it up with my traditional coffee and cream, added a few teaspoons of the hot chocolate mix and...........love, love, sweet love!  It was perfect.  Although,  I was seriously missing some whipped cream.  I carried it all the way to church with a certain glow of coffee perfection!  

So my answer to coffee love comes at .30 a serving!  Yippeeee!  If you do not have a Cost Plus near you, I'm so sorry!  Email me and I will be sure to send you some of the love.  This stuff is too good not to share!  

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