I can find some of me

Everyday, I venture out with at least one -- if not two, perhaps three, yes count them - four kids.  For me, taking little ones out into the world is just not that scary. 

Sure there are places I don’t go with my little lovelies in tow.  You know the art galleries, fine antique shops, or even the shiny stores are just out of reach when you have a gang of sticky fingered octupi with you.  What is crazier is when I am alone.  I don’t even trust myself to go into those places.  

On my own, I find my time is so less efficient than the time I spend dealing with four ankle biters.  I takes me a while to remember who I am.  Sometimes what my own name is is a difficulty in its’ own.  I find myself humming along to the Wiggles just to remember that I LOVE DMB.  I remember what it is like to stroll vs. jet out into traffic to chase a wee one.
Being a mom, having children is a true gift.  I wouldn’t trade the sleepless nights, boogers on my shoulders, poop wiping, toy picking up, and the dramatic episodes.  

But being alone, ahhhh, alone.  It allows me to remember a little piece of me.  The person I once was.  It helps me recharge this battery called mom. And to be a better one in the end.  

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