A letter to you



When you think you are ugly, I know you are beautiful.
The days you feel like you are not measuring up, you are exceeding my expectations.
Just when you think you haven't done enough, I step in and do the rest.
Where you find the end of the rope, that is exactly where I will be.
You are never alone, I am always near.
When your faith in people leaves, I will be there to hold to.
Occasionally you will walk/run away, I will be waiting to see you again.
When you wish for so much more, I am there to give it to you.
When you don't know what else to say, I am there to speak;
Hopefully at that time you will listen.
When you are weak, I am strong.
Some storms will come calling, but I am in charge of those too.  
When the road seems long, I have a map.
Sometimes the plan will seem to not exist, but I hold it right here in my hands.
The world will tell you that you don't measure up, except I know they are wrong. 
When hope is lost, I will remind you I AM. 

I love you only for who you are-- everyday.


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