One more oncore! Please!

You know you have done it.  
Especially my sister friends out there.  
You planned to start off slow and only listen to a little bit.  
Then you ended up quickly buying the first album.  
Then, the second. 
 Then, the third.  
You listen until your ears pop.  
You turn it on when you are sad and relate to the songs of such.  
You turn it on when you are happy and listen to the songs of such.  
You run with it.  
You shop with it.  
You love it.  
Then drama hits the players.  
You will do anything you can to keep the show going. 
You have a history to relate to and that is important.  
Spend tons of time invested.  
Spend money. 
Spend more time.  
Cry, Read about it on Facebook, and try so hard to relate.  
Waiting for one more encore.

Until, you are done -- exhausted.   Just when you realize, you honestly didn't liked what you heard to begin with.  It was sticky/ill intentioned.  It was guiding you in the wrong direction.  The happy history was minuscule compared to the not so happy.  So, after a few encores, you must walk away -- remembering the good times but looking on to things maybe better.

Hoping you will find a new tune that will signify a change in the relationship. 

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