Blissdom 2012

This was in my in box yesterday............

Hi Heather!

Congratulations, you are one of our Runner-Up prize winners of a BlissDom conference pass! Thank you for entering the giveaway and for being a One2One Network member! We hope that attending BlissDom gives you the tools you seek for improving your writing and growing a business.

To accept your prize, please reply to this email by 5:00 pm (EST) on Thursday, January 5th.

We're looking forward to meeting you at BlissDom in February!


Malia Carden

I was SHOCKED, HUMBLED, EXCITED BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!  This is big in my world!  
I NEVER win anything!  
Except now! 

I'm Going to Blissdom!

This is a huge answer to prayer.  I have been dying to share, create, and foster a community for woman to come and be real!  This is the opportunity to do that.  This is an open door to help my family. 

Thank you One to One Network!

One2One Badges

I can't wait to meet you all in February!!!


  1. So excited for you! I learned a lot last year and I was only there for one day! Let's really try and get together soon!

  2. Thank you! I'm super excited and want to hear all about it!