Resolutions - so cliche

Back to blogging 2012.
Why not start off with the cliche post of resolutions.  If I share them with thousands of adoring readers won’t that make me stick to them?  Or maybe it will be that just more embarrassing when I do not?  
Lets start with the most cliche 

To Workout.  
I workout a few days a week.  I loath it.  Seriously.  Maybe #1 should be to intentionally enjoy working out more.  The fact that I am able to do it is a blessing in its’ self.

Make wiser Investments. 
In so many ways.  In the people I spend my time with.  In the money I make.  In my marriage.  In the relationships with my children and the Lord.  

To act on ideas.  
I have a bunch of them.  I’m not sure where they will go - whether they will be successful or defeat.  But to remember that there are lessons in both. 

To read a few good books. 
Not business books.  Not crafting books.  Good books.  Like sit on the edge of your seat books.  Just no room for vampires here.  

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To live fearless.
No, I’m not planning on cliff diving in 2012 but I am planning on risk.  Maybe the risk of following a blind lead.  Or perhaps, putting my self out there to be judged and being OK with the outcome.  Who knows?

To set goals beyond myself.
To see where they lead.  To execute to MY best abilities.  To recognize that God is the not so silent partner.  

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To pray before speaking.
Hard to do.  I’m a Yankee - - we like to talk.  I’m not going to stop talking, just put more thought in to it before I do?

Be organized.
In my world, this means I will have matching socks.  Or maybe remembering to get a kid at school.  But it is a step in the right direction.

To be intentional.
This does not mean throwing spontaneity out the window but it means knowing what I am doing, and why I am doing it (most of the time).

To run with the bulls
Totally joking here.  Just needed a 10.

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