For the Love of Neon

I do not do big decisions well.  Those usually involve some degree of change.  I like it, I love it- so just leave it the heck alone.  Or I might not even like it, but leave it the heck alone. Most days, I can't even decided what to get in my coffee.   Even when the writing is on the wall to move it like a money maker, I just sit on my money maker.  I ask God over and over again for neon printed in the sky.  You know, something like this....
Heather, follow me.  

I just continue to say that I just don't see it.  Like, right now. Michael and I have a giganto non-secure decision to make.  We need to follow a rope -- having no idea where it ends. We are paraylsized despite our faith. 

I write countless blog posts about this undying faith I have.  Not faith in myself but a faith in the Lord.  Yet, I flounder at best when it comes to show time.
                                                                                Source: thekitchn.com via Maxine on Pinterest

So if I am putting all my eggs with God, why for a golden minute would I think that he isn’t doing to same in me?  

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