about me - hold on to your seats

Who am I?  I'm still trying to figure that one out!  But here is a stab at it.


Wife of 14 years, Mother of 4, Lover of Chocolate, Unconventional Seamstress, Driver of Mini Van, Occassional Cleaner of House, Pretty Crunchy, Insanely Interested in Economics and Political Systems, User of Cash Only, Straightshooter, Skeptic, Talks Big, Raised Yankee will die in the South, Hardly Takes Risks, A Proverbs 31 Woman, Student of Life's Lessons.   


  1. I would add that you are:giving, thoughtful, creative, helpful, sincere, motivating and an all around WONDERFUL friend! So thankful God made you exactly as He did!

  2. Thank you momma bird, I hold the same thoughts about you! Made my day!

  3. Hi! I'm making my way through the Blissdom linkup and I am delighted to meet you! My name is Beth and my Intro post is at http://www.bethszimmerman.com/2012/01/12/hello-blissdom-2012/

  4. Beth! So nice to hear from you! Excited to meet you too!