Bags, Babies, Burp Clothes, Bundles for Blissdom.

Ok folks, who doesn’t like to read feel good stories?  You know the ones where the girl gets the boy.  Where the kid finds his dog.  The ever popular out of luck person who wins the lottery.  

I'm Going, Y'all! - Blissdom 

Well, in my little world, the lottery comes at a pretty cheap price.  Five Hundred Dollars to be exact.  Yup -- I have 50 days to raise 500 dollars.That is how much it will cost to get my cute little yankee turned southern gal butt to Blissdom (only the best blogging conference east of the MIssissippi).  

One2One Badges

Thanks to One to One Network, my fees have been dramatically cut.  They were amazing enough to give me free tickets!  But I still need gas in the car, and a place to stay (besides that gassed up car).  

This is where you come in.  I have 50 days to raise 500 dollars.  I will be selling anything from super cute boutique items, to sewing supplies, to offering to baby sit, to well, you get the idea.  I make it = you buy it (at a great price), and I gratefully go to Blissdom.

You will not only gain some new additions to your Nina Bina Collection (and feel good while doing it) but I promise that sending me to Blissdom will not be a waste of resources.  I plan to go into “sponge mode” while in Nashville.  It is an amazing opportunity to come back to the ATL with a war chest of blogging/business tools.  Things that I pray will benefit my readers.  I want to see a community come together.  A real community where we can share, reveal, learn, cry, enjoy and find something real in the muck of life.  
So when you see some super cute stuff on Facebook or Etsy, please considering posting it on your blog, twitter, or Facebook Page.  I will be forever grateful that you did!
Blissdom or Bust 

P.S. - Did I mention that God has given me a new direction and line to introduce this month?  Super excited for this one!  Includes basic boutique clothing pieces, something for the mamas - and things you just can not live without!  Come on!

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