Having Them Home

I see it on Facebook.  I do it myself.  UGh, they are home again.  What am I going to do with four kids stuck in the house for two whole weeks?  Can you imagine?  
But wait a minute - they are mine!  Why wouldn’t I know what to do with them for an extended period of time?  I need to remember that right now we are called to public school.  That means, for right now, my time to teach is short and I have an opportunity during break to equipped them and send them back out on the mission field they are in.  They are at school to learn and come home and learn even more.  
They are home.  Home is where you find your faith.  Home is where you are safe.  Home is where you learn to share.  Home is where you learn to care.  Home, there is no place like it.  Being with my children, with no interruptions, there is no place like it either.  

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