Thankful Fair

Saturday was wonderful. 
Really, really wonderful.  
For so many reasons.......

I got to spend the last few weeks "binge" sewing things 
I love to make.

Putting some extra cash in my pocket didn't even matter.  Knowing that people liked what I made and were taking it home to enjoy mattered the most.  It was a little validation - it felt good.

I got to meet some amazing artists, moms, and vendors.  Each had amazing stories of why they create.  Some I will share in the upcoming weeks.   

But the most amazing thing about Saturday was Love.  Amazing Love.  It was about every twenty minutes that friends stopped by my booth to offer encouragement, a hug, and even a healthy snack.  It was amazing.  My heart was so full.  I hope that those who stopped by know that I love them too! Saying thank you to that group of gals would never covered my appreciation.  

So now the fair is over, I am onto Christmas - my favorite time of year.  In the next few days, I will be listing some of the post fair goodies in the Etsy Store.  There are some great ideas for teacher gifts.  I would love to have you visit.  

And thank you again for the notes, the snacks, the prayers, and for being you!  

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