Instafriday (without on Iphone 4)

I seriously would love to own an Iphone.  Really, really love to.  I mean I LOVE my mac - it is like my best friend, so an Ipone would be like a mini best friend in my pocket.  But the budget is calling and the Iphone is out.  :(  Bummer!  

Alot of blogs I follow link up for a party called "Instafriday".  You need an Iphone app to participate.  A beautiful app that creates the most romantic pictures.   But alas, my mac and I sit here alone longing to make an instagram.  Instead of spending my time being sad I thought, "why not create Instaweek with words."  Afterall, I have been told I have a way with them sometimes (BIG WINK HERE;)

So here you go, what I have learned this week, with pictures (probably not my own) and words......Enjoy

The architect has decided that just in case there is a war or he needs to go hunting he is only wearing camo for now on.  This is alternated with a blue shirt for workout days, and a orange shirt for non-workout days.  One, What?  Two, I had no idea he works out?  Have you seen the physique on this kid? 

You know your kids go to a great public school when the artist has a fourth grade concert and her insanely talented music teacher chooses Simon and Garfunkel for the kids to sing - LOVE IT!

At bible study club at the same school I had the opportunity to hold a 6 year old boy who came to live with his aunt after his mom passed away a month ago - what a wonderful time and a sweet boy.  I also learned at the same function that Jesus doesn't like it when you give your friends wedgies - (this from Mason -6).

The leader is just that.  While waiting for the concert to start - he has a group of 5 completing covert operations while girls came up to him to get a hug - seriously?

The princess (almost 2) is talking more and more each day.  This week she has learned to say the word "car" except it sounds more like s#it.  She decided to say "car" over and over again, as loud as she could, whenever we were in public this week.  

The most important thing - never assume anything, always ask and hope for a truthful answer.  I saw this lesson every day this week. 

So excuse me while I conquer the Mt Everest of laundry calling my name for the last 4 weeks.  

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