Shop Update - Stocking Stuffers

A great Monday for a shop update! 
Lots of wonderful items for Stocking Stuffers in the Nina Bina Etsy Store
Buy three of anything and it ships for free.
Local friends - drop off is always available.  

Ruffled Headbands - no two are alike.
Features a flexible/comfy metal headband and the perfect ruffle.  8 each with 2.50 shipping.  Buy three and free shipping.  These are perfect for mom and daughter.  
Find Headbands here

Also added to the shop - the perfect purse case.  Great as a little wallet, camera case for your purse camera, or to hide girly things in your bag.  Also 8 each with free shipping if you buy three.  Camera Cases found here.

All items shipped with wrapping inside the package.  That way you are all set for the holiday season.  Happy Ruffly Shopping my friends! 

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