Family Fall Day in all HIS Glory

There are six of us here.  That is alot of people.  And while I try to keep the kids scheduled life to a minimum, it seems to be as they get older we spend less time as a group of six.  Sure we eat dinner together every night but after that, we all shoot off to different worlds.

So God gave us this beautiful day last Sunday.  

We has also allowed us to live near a gorgeous mountain with the most perfect 
hiking trails.  

So Mikey Boy and I decided our family's worship would be in the woods - - together!  It would be quiet, serene, peaceful, as close to God as we could get.  I was soooooo excited!  

Then, the princess screamed like a banshee the first two miles unless we ran with her on our back (in the backpack).

The architect argued with the leader about how many actual civil war ditches he saw, how many leaves were on the trees, how many trees had fallen in the woods, how much more he knew about hunting than the leader, how he knows how blue the sky is.......
well, you get the idea.  

The leader - well, he is the shortest so his legs were tired quicker, but generally he was happy.  He talked and talked about what he wanted to be when he grew up.  He was dreaming and I found that Glorious.  

Then the Artist, the sweet artist.  She growled at us the first half, upset she would miss social hour at church.  But after we turned the 2 mile mark she two seemed to enjoy what God had given her -- a beautiful place to live and a family. (that is a real smile!)

So while the morning started off hard, we fought to stay together -- to stay on course, as a family of 6.  And in the end, it was worth it because I got to go home with this memory

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