The Perfect Boys Christmas Gift

I am sure that I am not alone in the fact that my kids have everything.  Certain amounts of three of everything.  They have way too much.

It is for this reason that I always wonder what to get their friends at parties and holidays?  Do kids really need anything?  Maybe what they need is simple.

I present to you, just that -- simple.  The fort kit.  The perfect present.  Easy to make.  Able to afford.  You can do it too!

Fort Kit
- 1 full size sheet
- 1 pillowcase
- 1 piece of cording
- 1 container of light sticks
- 1 set of clamps of clothes pins (I use plastic clamps from Walmart enough to make two sets)

You will need some basic sewing skills for this item.  First, I laid out the sheet and clamps.  Using the pillow case, I cut a little off to make it a kid friendly sized bag.  Next I took the pillowcase and put it on the embroidery machine to personalize it a little.  You can do this with puff paint or even a sharpie.  Use the already made tunneling to put a piece of rope thru the top of the bag and make a drawstring.  Lastly, I made up a quick tag on Word to let the gift recipient know what fun they were about to have.


This project can be made for a boy with colors included in pictures.  Or maybe for brothers and sisters?  Or the princess could build a castle from pink sheets and pink painted clothes pins?  The possibilities are endless.

My total investment on this project was 25.00 (which is enough supplies to complete 2 kits).


  1. Heather are you selling these? This is the coolest idea EVER! I too am usually at a loss with what to give for gifts b/c everyone does have everything, it seems, and really....do they need more?

  2. I don't think I will be selling these. You could totally make it! I believe in you!

  3. <3 thank you :) now I just have to find the foot pedal for my sewing machine, lol