Thankful but Forgetful

*The last year I have been sewing a lot and I am thankful.

*Money from sales has pitched in on the things for my family and I am thankful.

*My business has exploded over during a tight budget year and I am thankful. 

*There are new relationships built with the ladies at the craft store and I am thankful.

*Seeing you all use/wear your items give me a smile and I am thankful.

*Meeting new people has been a blessing and I am thankful.

*Filling a creative need has been awesome and I am thankful.

*In the last three months I have worked crazy hours and I am thankful.

*Orders you place have paid for Christmas and I am thankful. 

But then I come to Christmas and I stop.  Why did the last many weeks become such a frenzy for my little Proverbs 31 business?  It is just a season to endure or did I loose the meaning of something wonderful God has given me in the mix?  I have been a mad women trying to keep up with orders.  I continually think about ways to drum up new business.  There have been many trips to the store and just as many late nights sewing.  One could say that I have been tied too tight - literally in thread.  

I have taken something beautiful that God has given me and tried to turn it into a hectic/stressful/rushed existence.  All in the name of buying my child the latest electronic gadget, the greatest lego set, or the perfect superhero set.  Do those things replace the 25+ hours a week that I sit in front of my sewing machine?  

I have missed moments that will never return.  Found myself with no patience at the end of the day.  I even began craving oreo cookies (I dislike oreos).  They have watched more TV in the last few weeks then they have seen their mom.  Where is Proverbs 31 in that?  Do I want my kids to think that following God means you have to be in a tissy all the time?  I don't think that really shows them how to take care of their "gifts".  

So this Christmas, my kids will not go without but they will go with less.  In exchange they will get more - more of the mom they deserve. 

*I love what I do and I am thankful.
*Because what I love what I do so much, I will be slowing down a bit and for that realization I am forever thankful.

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