My van smells

Supposedly, my van smells.  But here are the facts - this week it doesn't.  I took all the old milk cups out. 

It just seems to rub people, little people, the wrong way.  Maybe it is the 180,000 miles on it.  Perhaps it is the fact that you have to open the door yourself.  It could be that the CD player doesn't work.  Did I mention that fact that it doesn't have a state of the art DVD player (or even a DVD player) either.  Possibly the dent in the back right bumper could rub 8 year olds the wrong way.  The fact that the right hand cup holder is broken could probably really erk a person who sits in the back.  Who knows?  

Source: google.com via Karyn on Pinterest

Wished I cared about the state of my transportation but it is just not a high priority on the list.  To tell you the truth - it is a car.  It gets me from point A to point B and serves its' purpose just fine.   I am fortunate to have it.   Besides, did I tell  you that .....................

What makes me the most upset is that our world is raising our kids.  Mom driving a brand new minivan is much more important than being debt free and guaranteeing our financial future.  You see kids just don't get it, not unless they are taught to. 

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