Missing them

They weren't suppose to leave us.  They were to be with us forever.  Never to give up.  Never to waiver.  It never occurred to me there would be a time without them.  That just wasn't suppose to happen.  But time had different plans and here we are broken hearted.

It has been about 5 months since the last one passed and everyday is still a bit of a struggle.  To some it might be silly but to us, it was a part of us gone.  The idea of moving on is just as hard as remembering when they left.

But the architect has 
been crying out in loneliness, wanting his companions back.  So we have begun to look.  I feel like I am cheating on them, like I am turning my back.  But they are not here and he is.  Perhaps he is the catalyst we need to know that it is time.  Life does go on -- but in a different way.  There is a season and a reason for everything.  So we continue to look, pray, and hope -- that the right one will find its' way home and that our hearts will be open to love another again.  And that the cat will be OK with it. 

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