Holiday Baking Vengence

It was the first thing I saw when I arrived at my MIL's house-- Marie Calender sitting right in front of me.  Her pretty little computer made up face taking a steamy pumpkin pie right out of the oven -- ON A BOX!  Pie does not come in a box (unless you are pregnant craving sweets and your husband runs to the store at 9 p.m.).  Pie comes from the heart.  Especially on Thanksgiving Day - pie is sacred.  

                                                                             Source: walmart.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

Now, I have to give Grandmom a little credit.  She did deliver on her promise to bring pumpkin pie.  A pie that I wanted so badly to make from scratch.  A pie that would rival the apple pie that I was carrying.  A pie that I wanted to top with homemade whipped cream and eat until my eyes bulged out.  Didn't happen.  I don't eat boxed pie on Thanksgiving.  And to tell you the truth the more I saw the box, the angrier I became.  

I was so upset about the pie that I could not get it off my mind.  So Sunday night, I baked -- I baked with a vengeance.  Little did I know that God was watching me, waiting to remind me to do everything out of love.   

I set the pie in the oven not realizing that cheese had melted all over the bottom from the Thanksgiving Mac n Cheese.  The house begin to fill with smoke very quickly - like 4 alarm fire smoke.  We had to open all the windows in the middle of a rain storm.  Determined, I took the pie out of the oven, wiped the entire thing down, and started again.  Still smoke, but after a bit it cleared.  In about an hour - it was done and I was happy.  I put the pie on the porch to clear while I fed the family. 

At 9 p.m. I made the whipped cream, cut myself a pie of the beloved pie.  I bit in with delight, only to spit it out.  I was so fixated on the pie making that I forgot to put sugar!  

So no pie later, a house that smells like melted cheese, but a lesson well learned.  Yes Lord, I hear you.  Bake from the heart - a loving heart.  Got it.  

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