Are you kidding me?In

I have to say she asked first - not demanded, but was the lady serious?  She wanted a discount on a scarf.  Why, because she felt like it.  She was buying one.  One scarf.  And wanted a ridiculously large discount.  I appreciate her ability to be so bold but do not applaud her entitlement attitude. It was this dear sweet lady who prompted me to write a little ditty about hand made.  Take it as you want, remembering that we live in a free country with a free economy -- free meaning you have a choice, likewise I do too.  

Handmade does not come from China
Handmade comes from someone you might meet (whether virtual or in person)
Handmade is made by hand (duh)
Handmade has heart
Handmade might be a grandfather saving money to see his grand kids
Handmade is a mother of 4 toiling in the dark to pay for karate lessons
Handmade is a father trying to put his kids thru college
Handmade is a student choosing to create and share
Handmade is sincere
Handmade is time from loved ones
Handmade can be a dream
Handmade can mean a future
Handmade is not perfect, but remains beautiful
Handmade is a piece of someone
Handmade is a conscience choice
Handmade is just something a robot can not recreate
Handmade is intentional
Handmade is for you

So that being said, I appreciate you, I appreciate your willingness to let me share a little bit of me with you.  I am thankful for my faithful wholesale customers, the ladies at the PTA, and my friends I hope to meet one day on Etsy.  With each item I make I pray that it will bless the person who it is intended for and I remember to thank God everyday for giving me the ability to do something I love.  

So dear lady, I appreciate that times are tough and you are on a budget - - maybe you should have asked why I spend time away from my family to sew, then you would have realized you are not alone. 


  1. I'm so glad that my sister shared the link to your blog with me. It's a good reminder to not under value yourself or your art. I have an Etsy shop too, www.paintjar.etsy.com, and a blog which I haven't updated in a couple months. Good luck going into the holiday season.

  2. Thanks JennY! I can not wait to see your updates! I will keep an eye on you during the holiday season! Many blessings for you and your shop! Heather