I fear nothing (totally lying here)

I have a list-- a list of fear.  Specifically surrounding the event that I signed up for this Saturday.  It will be my first ever craft fair and for some reason I am scared.  Weird, I know.  But if you read the list, maybe you will find a little bit of yourself in my fear -- a little bit of everyday life?  Who knows?

- a fear of failure (OK that one was easy)
- a fear of oversleeping
- a fear of looking like a novice
- a fear of being judged
- a fear of being told "no"
- a fear of being dead at my booth
- a fear of being too busy at my booth to let each person know how important it is that they are there
- a fear of success (I know seriously weird)
- a fear that no one will like me
- a fear that I measured the 8x8 space wrong
- a fear that I will forget something
- a fear that a toddler will knock over my booth
- a fear of grumpy old women
- a fear that it will be cold in the room
- a fear of being hungry and not realize it until I snap at someone
- a fear of not having enough change
- a fear of putting myself out there

In a way, it sounds like my first day of high school.  And while I did have some fun those four years, I also learned some very hard lessons.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit turned those lessons into something positive so perhaps that is the approach I should take on Saturday.  After all, no one is forcing me to do it - except a tugging on my heart.

If you are in the Due West area of Marietta on Saturday and are not scared of visiting - I would love to just have you stop by for a hug!  It is the Due West Holiday Fair at Due West United Methodist Church in Kennesaw Georgia from 9-2.  Bring a friend and we can all be scared together.  :)

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