Well, Ruffle my Crepe Paper a tutorial

The artist was turning 10 - a big birthday!  We couldn't just settle for the crepe paper right from the package.  Oh no, we had to go big, well ruffly big!  So here you go birthday girl, only your mama would take the time to ruffle crepe paper.  

Crepe paper streamers 
ruffle foot for sewing machine 
(supplemental instructional available)

1. unwrap the crepe paper

2. position the crepe paper under the presser foot

3. set tension on high (9), set the stitch length on the longest
4. turn needle into crepe paper
5.  Sew - it is very important not to go too fast on this one.  The crepe paper is very delicate and could rip easily.

6. Stitch 

Idea - you could double up your paper, put on color on top and one the bottom and stitch at the same time.

For those of you without a sewing machine or ruffle foot, take a needle and thread make long stitches. Pull the stitches as you go to ruffle the paper.  

I think its' super cute.  

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