Labor Day

Growing up in the Northeast Labor Day weekend basically marked the end of summer.  The beaches changed, shops closed on Fire Island, Ice Cream was just a memory and school started.  

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Since about the beginning of May I have waited for Labor Day with the same anticipation a 6 year old waits for Christmas.  I have dreamed about it.  I have looked the calender over and over counting the days.  Oh Labor day, you took so long to get here but thankfully you did.  

You see, this has been a summer -- the summer of circumstances I call it.  This summer, Michael was forced to make a decision between doing what is right or what pays more.  Thus, we took a huge pay cut. In the process, we saw relationships we value change.  We lost family.  Our son had his beloved pet die in his arms.  Our first baby (a sweet Husky named Dakota) died after a long battle with puppy cancer.  People we thought were friends walked away.  We spent most of the summer grieving.  

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But time on the asphalt is an opportunity to clean out the noise and to commune with God.  Was it really just a summer of loss or was it a summer of growth?  Is my husband a happier person in his new position - yes!  Did the forced change create in him a man that will lead a company with values and intergrity - yes! While we will miss our family and "friends" who decided to check out, their decisions have allowed us to recognize real relationships - blood or not.  The summer we had the opportunity to witness the almight power of prayer!  We realized that we were given the gift of spending a really good 14 years with a great dog.  Our son learned what authentic love is.  

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So Labor day, I am glad you are here.  Summer 2011, I am glad you over.  As much as I like to forget you- I am blessed to be able to remember . 

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