The perfect gift - adoption

**** This past weekend, we celebrated a decade with the artist.   I wrote this 2 years ago for her  8th birthday.  I revised it to celebrate her 10th birthday.*******

Today is not only a celebration of Nina's life but the life of a woman who unselfishly 10 years ago today walked into a hospital alone, gave birth to a perfectly health baby girl, and left a few hours later still alone. I will probably never meet the amazing woman who took a very scary journey to a country not her home just to make sure that my daughter would have the life she deserved. I am not sure what circumstances led to her arrival in Moscow but know that the nine months before this day she made a series of important choices that I will forever be grateful to her for. She is an amazing woman! 

When my daughter was born 10  years ago, a pregnancy termination in a hospital in Russia cost 25 US dollars. Home termination is free and common. In Russia is not uncommon for a woman to drink, do drugs, or smoke while pregnant. Our birth mother had no support system and was young but my daughter was born healthy. 

So, in the Cloudt house September 4th is a day of celebration; a day to celebrate our daughter's life, a day to celebrate the life of a very special woman, and a day to celebrate God's promise that he knows us before we are born. Let's remember in the future to support those who might be making one of the hardest decisions of their lives - to UNSELFISHLY give life to another human being no matter the personal cost. Thank you God for our birth mothers - please bless them and protect them!

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