Time to share a deep secret

Oh, what is it?  You know you want to see my skeletons in the closet.  Yup, you are dying to know.  Well, this one is actually, well..... I will let you decide.

I LOVE gangster movies.  You know the good mob kind when they shoot people.  I must admit that I often turn my head during the blood part but the suspense, the tangled web, the leaders intrigue me.  I am talking about Scarface, Goodfellas, Carlito's Way, Casino, The Godfather.  While I sew sweet little boutique beauties I watch Italian and Latino men fight it out on the streets of Vegas and New York.

                                                                                Source: cafepress.com via Heather on Pinterest

Now for the funny part.  You had no idea I was doing it.  I actually quote these movies in my everyday life.  You have no idea and it leaves me with a delightful internal giggle.  Like whenever someone new (or old) meets Princess P I am often found saying, "say hello to my little friend."  Didn't see that one - did ya?  Or when the occasional, OK daily, annoyance of a person crosses my path I often find myself remembering out loud "to keep my friends close and my enemies closer."  Take a look at my friends list and determine this one for yourself.  Oh, and my favorite politically incorrect quote for when people complain something isn't fair -- "Capitalism is when someone else is getting screwed" (that was the PG version).  I love capitalism but seriously that is so true.

                                                                         Source: browneyedbaker.com via Shannon on Pinterest

So the next time I see you and say that you might want to consider "buying some new cement shoes" -- apologize quickly, you might be in trouble.  :)

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