Pinterest is creepy.

Pinterest is creepy.............................................................

                                                                                     Source: google.com via E. on Pinterest

Don't get me wrong, I could spend a whole month in front of the laptop drooling over the pictorial goodies I find.  Forget the fact that it links you to valuable websites chalked full of tutorials and ideas.  It is really as close to heaven on earth that a person like me can get too.

But knowing someone is following me is just not right.  Can they catch me in my bad habits?  Did they hear what I just said?  It is about as scary as the Burger King Guy showing up.  

Getting emails about it is just wrong too.  Seriously, do you really want to know what burlap wreath I plan on making for the Christmas season?  Or that I love pictures of peanut butter and jelly?  Does it make a difference in the world if I "pin" a cute purse to my board?  I am waiting for the IRS to realize what a valuable tool Pinterest is and take it over to track me.

                                                                                    Source: etsy.com via Mary on Pinterest

You know what else kind of erks me too?  How do you say "Pinterest"?  It is Pin-ter-est?  Or could it be Pint-E-rest? Maybe in the south it is Piiiiiinntteerrrrrr -est?  Because you know in the south everything has extra syllables.  On the same token, there could be someone up north referring to it as the "I don't care how the hell you say it website just leave me the hell alone?  Hmmmmm.  It took me about two years to learn how to say Etsy and I am not even sure that I do that right.

                                                                                Source: honeyandcheese.com via Charlotte on Pinterest

All I know, is for as much as it creeps me out I will continue to use it!  In the meantime though, I am going straight to GoDaddy to buy the www.pinterestrehab.com web domain - there will be money in that shortly, I am sure!


  1. I blame Laura for sucking me into this latest Internet addiction today. @#$@! it!