The girl won't eat

I have never had huge children.  Well, except for the architect - he is really tall.  But seriously, all of my children are made solely of bones.  I feed them.  They just probably don't get the junk that builds the kids that America sees today.  Who knows?

But Princess P - she will not eat.  Its' not that she is a picky eater - she just won't do it.  For about two weeks now I swear the children goes on about 100 calories a day.  I have tried ketchup, yogurt dip, cutting food into the shape of kitties, playing airplane, and even considered standing on my head.  I have offered her everything under the sun and still - no.  

In the end, this situation produces is a super cranky almost two year who drives her mother to eat brownies from the pan.  Princess P won't eat so I guess I will just pick up the slack for her.  
If this continues there is sure to be a shortage of brownies in the world.  


  1. I can relate. That is how Ethan is. I guess I should be lucky because most DS kids have weight issues. I just keep telling myself that he will eat when he gets hunger enough. Good luck!

  2. Ellen - UGH I am sorry! I am not so bothered she doesn't eat - it is the stress from the crying that makes me eat. UGH again!

  3. Have you tried letting her help you cook whatever it is you are trying to get her to eat? Or how about letting her pick out the grocery items at the store? Of course, I have had no success with this but I have heard that it has worked for some! ;)

  4. amazing enough she decided to join the world of the less hungry this weekend - go figure!