The Park Run

It was beautiful out this morning!  I loaded the princess up in the van and headed to one of the best parks with a rocking asphalt trail.  It is the best park to run when pushing an extra 30 lbs. while trying not to pass out.  

                                                                           Source: chrisvonada.com via Heather on Pinterest

Princess P and I started with a five minute walk, no biggie.  Then came the run part.  I was determined to finish 4 today (although P only lasts 3 at the most).  A half mile in there was a slight incline in the trail - I thought, "Heck no!", I will walk the hills.  I wanted to make this an easy workout.  

But then I saw him, a man walking backwards.  He was holding a cane -- not using it and walking backwards.  What?  Really?  But as I got closer I saw another man walking in front of him.  They were partners.  The man walking forward had obviously suffered some type of stroke.  His right hand was unusable, he drug his right leg along.  His smile was infectious.  There was a spirit of determination that surrounded him.  His friend was unwavering in his support.  It was beautiful.  

                                                                                Source: mth2011.tumblr.com via Heather on Pinterest

I picked myself up and start off running again.  Hills or not, I would keep going!  I had to stop feeling sorry for myself.  But about ten short minutes later - I was there, in another lull when suddenly behind me I heard a lady laughing like she had never laughed before.  Oh good God, was she laughing at me?  Nope.  She walked right past me giving her friend a high five and screamed, "I just walked 5 miles!".  She wore a t-shirt that said - you think I'm fat?  You should have seen me 100 lbs ago!  She was determined and her friend was unwavering in her support.  

                                                                           Source: lifeisbeachykeen.com via Heather on Pinterest

I picked myself up to start running again with my silent friends alongside, I finished the 4 miles - not stopping to feel sorry for myself in my inadequacies but encouraged by the silent partners of determination God had sent that day.  
                                                                    Source: sportygirljewelry.com via Heather on Pinterest

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