Blank Chaos

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That's been me lately. Nothing to say, finding it hard to sew, can't even keep a mile straight. So discouraging.

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Keep Calm Carry On 

I am doing that just fine. In fact, not much seems to rattle me lately. I keep busy (I have four kiddos). The is a certain quality about me that is awkward. I just work well under pressure. Not that I am asking for pressure but I just seem to produce what I love during those times. Wait, what am I saying? There is no way I need a fire right now - literally. But maybe, just maybe, a spark. Not too many sparks otherwise my days will look like this....

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So Lord, I know you are listening please just answer. Ignite in me a passion driven with direction. Let me be intentional about all I do or think. Let it be fruitful in your name. AMEN.

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