Parents should not read blogs

Really, my mom read my blog the other day and called all worried.  Remember this post -- The Girl Won't Eat?  Well, seems that mom is concerned that my poor little neglected (HA!) fourth child will wither away and not a soul will notice.  I loved my mom's concern but the suggestion that I make her her own meals made me pass out!  Making one their own meal would get the big three spinning on what I could make them.  Then, before I know it, I am making 6 meals a day a sitting - no way!  Mutiny on this ship will not be tolerated!

                                                                               Source: doecdoe.blogspot.com via Brooke on Pinterest

My parents just don't understand the purpose of this blog.  
The purpose....

One, to tell a story 
(apparently I have some interesting things to say). 

Two, to entertain myself (easily accomplished). 

Three, to make you laugh
 (again apparently I live a very humorous life). 

Four, to spread joy 
(is that a Coke commercial waiting to happen or what?).

Fifth, and finally, to make money.  
Yup, you listen to my stories = I make money.  
Look up Proverbs 31 -- that is where I am coming from.  

So, trying to explain to a nervous grandmother that I was really more worried about my constant excuses to make brownies over my daughter's lack of appetite just did not set in.  My mother will come around eventually.  The Beatles, diaries, crepe dresses = her generation.  Cell phones, blogs, reality TV = my generation.  I have to give her a break.  

But in the meantime, continue to read and go to sleep knowing that she has started eating again :)

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