I do all My Own Stunts

Seriously, I do.  I am a one woman show.  Can't you see my cape?  In between parenting four children, feeding the cat, taking care of a hubby, laundry, homework, and life I create my own patterns. I sew my own items.  All those adorable little wallets, headbands, flower pins, tote bags, and ipad cases that you can find in the 
Sew Four shop I created with tons of time and
 (I wish I could seriously say) patience.  

Ruffle Headbands

Ipad Cases

Large Wallet with 
Two Pockets

Ruffle Scarves

Sure, I download patterns to make Princess P's cute little boutique clothes. But most of the time I do not even follow the those directions.  Most of my educators friends, who I love, would probably diagnose me with some type of disorder.  I think this would be one circumstance that I am happy with a disorder.  


  1. You are amazing!!!

  2. Thank you, but I seriously think you win that award!