The Staycation list

Let's just call this the summer of circumstances.  

We began the summer with a job loss.  A few weeks into it we got a job, but with significant pay cut.  We lost a few close family members.  The a few weeks into the heat my son lost his best friend, his hamster.  Then, the most devastating loss.  The loss of our sweet husky friend of 14 years - Dakota.  

Seemed the summer was over before it began; or was it?

I intentionally decided it was not going to be the summer we grieved.  We have been given the great gift of being a family - something no circumstance could take away. So the kids and I sat down, made a list and decided this was going to be an awesome summer - together!

There is a lot on the list.  It is pretty random.  But it is ours.  Some things have been crossed off like seeing Cars 2, spending time with family from out of the country, swimming, and such.  
There are few items that are going to be hard to pull off - anyone ever build a canoe in a day? 
 But it has been awesome!  
This is the last official week of summer so the kids and I are spending the last few "staycationing" our way around Atlanta and within the budget -- who knows what we will come up with?

"Life" can only take away the fun if you let it.

Do you have any great staycation ideas?  I would love to hear them!

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