Staycation Day 1 - The end of summer

Staycation day one - start off slow.

Three things on the agenda today.
1.  Cash in reading points for the books we read this summer
2.  Use our FREE groupon for 20. to the used book store
3.  Eat Mc Donald's!  (yes, you read that right!)

What would a day be without a trip to Target?  Each of the kids had some points they had earned towards prizes.  We are very big on commission here.  You work harder - you get paid more.  Thus Mr. G naturally ended up with the most points.  On the list, lego sets, and a small plastic dog.  Not to mention that riding in the buggy was pretty cool too!

A few months ago I scored a 20 groupon to The Book Browser in Woodstock.  Did I mention that it was actually 20 dollars free since I had referral points to Groupon!  Yipppeee!  The Book Browser was a great stop.  Plenty of chapter books for the big three including some little people books too!  I did not get to spy the grown up section - that would have been luxurious.  Most of the chapter books we got were under 2.00 which is alot cheaper than I usually pay in the late fees to the library, not to mention that I can sell them for that at the consignment sale after use.  We walked out with 12 books total - not to shabby!

Then for the biggie - Mc Donald's!  Yes, we actually stopped for more than coffee.  Four happy meals and I must say one decent salad later, everyone was fed (if you call that food) and played their hearts out on the germ infested plastic death trap.  As W said, "this is the best staycation ever!"

What to do tomorrow?  I think I have something planned :)